s for business

Types of courses:

-          General Spanish: For those who would like to learn day-to-day language.

-           Spanish for specific businesses: Over the years I have worked as a teacher, I have created specific programmes for students who were interested in a particular area of their business, in order for them to be able to deal with the Spanish language when needed in their work.

Some of the business areas I have worked in and I have had experience in are:business

  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Education
  • Banking
  • Maritime
  • Transport

Specific courses for companies include:

-          Conversational Spanish

-          Writing letters and e-mails

-          How to cope at a meeting

-          Negotiating

-          Familiarising with  business vocabulary

All the courses are bespoke.

Please, let me know what type of course you are interested in and I will send you a quotation